Thursday, August 18, 2011

On the Go Simple Makeup

This morning I woke up not wanting to spend all the time in the world looking though my makeup bag and trying to figure out what to do. So, I thought i'd challenge myself a bit and grab only 5 products and 1 brush to use on my eyes to create a nice and unique look. This is what i came up with :) Oh, and did I mention that not only was this easy it was super fast! I just love it when I can do my make up in less then 15 mins!
Looks like it took time but it really didn't. That's the best part! 

Here are the products I used.

This is my favorite mascara!!!

  • Apply the "Eye and Lip Primer" all over your lid and blend it out.
  • With the "Oval Fluff Brush" pat on "Heirloom" to the lid and blend it upward.
  • Apply "Stash" eyeliner and make a small wing.
  • Line your lower lid using "Eldorado" and sweep it up underneath "Stash" so that they connect on the outer part of your eye.
  • Last but not least, Apply mascara or falsies (I did not use falsies for this look) and you done!

I hope you enjoyed this look! :)


  1. simple but gorgeous!

  2. Heirloom looks like a million bucks on you sweetie!!!

  3. Aww thanks! its one of my favorite pigments.

  4. This is the perfect look for day time. It looks amazing on your eyes.

  5. Wow! I can't believe it that you managed to do it in 15 mints!
    I wish i could! Really gorgeous look!

  6. This is cute and good for school makeup look. Is there any possible way to do this on youtube? I'm new to makeup and would really like to do this look for school!?


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