Friday, October 7, 2011

Weight loss update: Week 2

Week 2 Update

Weight lost: 4 lbs (in 2 weeks)
Next weeks weight loss goal: 2 lbs
Total lost: 4lbs
How I feel overall
Overall I feel great. My energy level is about the same, but I figured that could just be because of my thyroid medication I am taking, I'm not sure. I haven't noticed any difference in how my clothes feel because I have only lost 4 lbs, so im not expecting any changes right away. 

How I feel emotionally
These last 2 weeks I have really cut down on my calorie intake thanks to My Fitness Pal. The website and the app on my phone really helps and motivates me to stay on track and make sure I stay within my daily calorie goal. I feel good knowing that I did good that day staying under or meeting my calorie goal.

The relationship with my husband has also been great. He realizes how much I want to change my life and lose weight. Having the support from my family and friends is awesome! It is a great feeling knowing that people are rooting for me to better myself and be healthy

This weeks struggles
I am a huge Coca-Cola addict. Yes, I am admitting it haha. I just love it. Cutting out soda completely from my diet I would say has been my biggest struggle. I would typically have 3 to 4 sodas a day before this. I know this is horrible and this is why I gained so much weight over the years. I also struggle with not being able to order whatever I want when I go to eat. Im use to eating foods that are loaded with carbs and calories. This will be a big change for me. I'm not cutting my favorite foods out completely. If I have a pizza ill just have 1 slice and a side salad and water or unsweetened tea, not 2 or 3 slices with bread sticks and a coke like I use to do. 

Since I gave up soda I have replaced it with more water, unsweetened tea, and juices.  :)  This will help clear up my skin more and my body will be more hydrated. 

What I will do differently for next week
I want to eat more veggies and try different foods. I am a very picky eater. For the past 2 weeks I sort of been eating the same foods everyday. Examples would be: breakfast I would have scrambled eggs, water and maybe an apple, lunch would be small just a turkey sandwich on wheat bread, and for dinner I would make some egg salad. Pretty boring right? I want this to change and I know I can change this I just have to explore foods and not be so picky.
I also want to but some exercise videos. I am not one to go out and jog for hours, I would rather do aerobics or dance my weight off. Its more fun and I can do this in the privacy of my home. 

My weight loss journey has just begun and I know it will only get harder as the months go on. I will definitely try my hardest to stay on track and change my diet forever. I would love the support and kind words from all of you. If you have blogged your weight loss journey I would love to read it. Please leave the link in the comment box below :) I find it inspirational to read how others accomplished there weight loss goals and finding new tips and tricks is always great.

Have a beautiful day and stay healthy :)


  1. Good for you! having support I think is the best part because it motivates you more! That is soo awesome! :-) I am such a slacker! ha ha I seriously commend you on this! I use to not eat healthy before then I did eat healthy... now not so much! haha But I try to set a good example for my son. :-) And awesome job on the 4 lbs!! I think that it will get easier for you :-)

  2. Well done for having the courage to go on a weight loss journey and sharing it with your readers :) I've also been trying hard lately to reduce my bad eating habits, but I do sometimes fall out of line when I'm under stress from uni, etc. My aim is to workout 5 times a week but I've only managed 3 due to time constraints. I've also written a few weight loss inspiration and exercise tips on my blog if you're interesting in reading :)

    Thanks for this post!


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