Monday, October 10, 2011

My Day/Night Facial Routine

Makeup Remover
Neutrogena Make-up Remover Towelettes
25 towelettes per pack
Walgreens $6.49
I have been using these towelettes for a few months now and they work great! Especially because my eyes are pretty sensitive. I like that I can take off all my eye makeup with no problem.

Facial Cleansers
Clean&Clear Deep Action Cream Wash
6.5 oz
Target $4.99
In the morning after I wake up I like to use this to wash my face. It leaves my face feeling soft and fresh. It almost has a minty tingling feeling going on while i'm washing, but I like that because I know its working :) and it helps me to wake up. 

St. Ives Apricot Scrup
6 oz.
Target $3.04
I only exfoliate 3 to 4 times a week. I like to keep this in the shower so I don't forget to use it haha It really has improved the way my skin looks and feels. If your looking for a great exfoliate scrup I recommend this one. Very affordable, smells good, and really works! 

Facial Moisturizers

Clean&Clear Finishes Pore Perfecting Moisturizer
1.7 oz.
Walmart $6.97
I like to use this moisturizer in the morning before I prime and put my makeup on. It has a thin consistency so I don't feel like I have tons on product on my face after I use it.  

Targets Up&Up Moisturizing Lotion Radiant Skin with SPF 15
4 fl oz.
Target $10.49
This is what I like to use at night after I wash my face. It is a thinker moisturizer so I like it to soak into my skin at night so my face is nice and soft in the morning

*** Its always good to keep your face moisturized. I had very dry skin and since I have been moisturizing more, I notice my face is getting more on the normal side and not so dry anymore.***


  1. Ohh I love the neutrogena face wipes! I just ran out! so I need to get more! I tried the apricot scrub by st.ives I'm so sad that it doesn't work for me! its too abrasive and hurts my skin :-( So I've been using an exfoliating face mask instead. Which seems to help... I admit I haven't been taking care of skin as I should lately! haha I get super lazy which is why I'm out of face wipes! haha Great post! I need to try out that clean and clear stuff! :-) I usually just use aloe vera

  2. I use the Neutrogena face wipes, too, I also have sensitive eyes. I buy them in bulk at Costco, saves money that way!


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