Friday, January 27, 2012

Tips & Tricks: How I remove glitter nail polish

Do you love wearing glitter nail polish but hate having to remove it?? I DO! well I discovered this awesome way to remove glitter polish easily and mess free. These are the materials you will need. 

To remove glitter you will need to use 100% pure acetone. The one I am using here is the professional one from CVS and I believe I also bought my cotton balls from CVS as well. The foil is regular cooking foil just cut up into 10 small squares
Make sure to cut the foils prior to getting started.

Step 1

Soak the cotton ball half way. (I dipped the bottle 2 times with cotton ball)

Step 2

Place the cotton ball in the middle of the foil square with the soaked part facing upward.

Step 3 

Put your nail directly on top of the cotton ball and begin to wrap the foil around your finger. 
If you are curious what polish this is, I am wearing OPI Hows it Snowin? 

Continue these steps to the rest of your fingers. I like to do one hand at a time. I found it hard to get the foil wrapped around tight when trying to do the opposite hand.
Your hand will look like a monster but its ok! haha my husband gives me funny looks when he sees me doing this.  ;)

Wait about 2 or 3 mins before trying to remove the foil. 
When you are ready to remove it, Grab the tip of the finger and start to twist the foil and cotton together. This will help to make sure all the polish is off. Then pull off. You should end up with something like this.

You'll notice that all of the glitter was left on the cotton ball and none on your nail. Cool right!? :) 

I wouldn't recommend doing this often because the acetone isn't healthy left on your nail for too long but doing this once in a while wont hurt. 

Thank you so much for reading <3 Stay happy, healthy, and beautiful ladies :) 

XOXO Renee

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  1. Brilliant. I hadn't heard of this trick yet. I wear glitter polish.. a LOT.


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