Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Nail Art

Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow I thought id show you how I did my nails for this romantic occasion. This look is perfect for Valentines Day, but it can also be perfect for any other occasion as well, just simply change the base color to any color you like. :) 

Here's a step by stop nail tutorial on how I did this!

Step 1
Apply a base coat 
When using a red nail polish it tends to stain your nails when you remove it and I found that using this base coat, it really helps to eliminate the staining on my nails.

Step 2
Apply a thick coat of your favorite red. This is Sugar Sugar by SinfulColors.
Then let dry for a couple minutes.

Step 3
I added Sally Hansen's Gem Crush in Cha-Ching! (what a cute name right?! haha) to the top of Sugar Sugar to add extra sparkle and I LOVE glitter polish!!  but if your not into glitter you can leave this step out :)

Step 4
I don't have any dotting tools, but I found that using the tip of a bobby pin works just as well. This is what I used to make the heart on my ring finger.
Before you do this step make sure your nails are completely dry. If not, the white will mix with the red and it could get pretty messy. 

Place any white nail polish onto a piece of paper and dip the tip of the bobby pin in it and using a dotting motion slowly create a heart. Practice makes perfect so if you want to practice before hand on that paper that might be helpful :) 

It should look something like this!

Step 5 
 Add a top coat to seal it all together!! 

That's it! I hope you enjoyed this and try it out!! Thanks so much for reading and have a beautiful day.


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  1. oooh pretty nails. thx for the tutorial.

    Renee, Im having a giveaway contest for a hair straightener. If you're interested in entering here is my blog link:


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